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As part of the commitment to the re-balance of the Pacific, silver flag training has transitioned from Okinawa to Guam. Tech Sergeant Robert Smith has a report on how that’s working out.
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Sexual harassment assault response and prevention, or sharp, training focuses on educating military members on the reality of sexual assault and what they can do to prevent it. On Daegu, Soldiers gathered and heard leaders speak on stopping the trend of this crime.
AFN Pacific
Keeping the navy running shipshape, vessels must undergo thorough mid-cycle inspections. Petty Officer Jacob Allison has more from aboard USS McCain at fleet activities Yokosuka.
By AFN Pacific
As part of a new plan, combat aviation units will soon begin rotating to South Korea. Army Sergeant Brad Parrish reports on some of the training pilots go through ahead of the deployment.
By AFN Iwakuni
One in four women will experience a form of abuse at least once in her lifetime. In support of domestic violence awareness month, behavioral health on Iwakuni hosted a women’s self-defense class to teach women about the dangers of domestic violence and how to defend themselves. Lance Corporal Cheyenne Newman attended the class and brings us the story.
By AFN Yokosuka
Japan’s cultural heritage stretches millennia into the past, and has an incredible number of festivals to express its rich history. Petty Officer Kirk Putnam takes us to Yokosuka for the Mikoshi Parade, a thousand year old Japanese celebration that Americans have recently caught onto as well.
By AFN Pacific
The Mungadai is a leadership and team-building exercise inspired by Genghis Khan's elite warriors. In Korea, one of the warriors completed the endurance course while making a statement. We go to Sgt Matt Krohmer for the story.
By AFN Pacific
Being stationed overseas is one thing. Now try being deployed while you’re stationed overseas. Many of you out there have done it, and you can likely relate to the joy in our final story tonight as Airmen return to their families on Misawa. There are also some very helpful tips from the troops and spouses on keeping relationships strong while away.

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